Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Yes I've been MIA, I slack on the blogging but not on the working out at least. I've lost a few pounds since I last posted, and am officially down to a size 18 which I haven't been in literally over a decade. I was this size my freshman year of college, and I'm still going down further.  My goal is to be by my birthday (May 13) down another size.
I think in one of my last posts I wrote about finding support systems and I think I have achieved that. I found a meetup group that I've been trying to become active in that soon will meet once a week to work out. I've also been actively trying to do the Power 90 workout series from Beach Body, I'm currently on day 26 of the program. The "90" in the title stands for 90 days if you were wondering.
Another support system I've found is a guy I've started to see, where I feel encouraged to be motivated to continue to improve my health and fitness level. He likes me how I am now but likes the fact I'm motivated to make myself feel better. I just hope I don't scare him off!
I promise this week to post a recipe! I've decided to test out a potential recipe for butternut squash mac and cheese. I've gotten all the ingredients to make it, its just a matter of doing it and measuring everything out. I tend to cook by look and taste, so actually doing recipes properly can strain my patience.
I will be back to blogging regularly!

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  1. What happened to ~getting back into blogging?